Next Gen Solutions

About Us

Flex Axion is an affiliated company of Rand Labs. Historically, we have used various cloud hosting services, and after a relentless search for adequate hosting for what we determined to be the most demanding requirements in the asset management industry, we were disappointed time and again. Flex Axion was founded based on our experience and knowledge that generalized hosting services simply do not meet the data and application performance requirements for the top asset managers, and those supporting the asset management industry. We are pleased to have developed an unmatched, high performance, computing environment that takes hosting to the next level and into the next generation of computing demands tailored for the asset management industry.

Our Hosting Enviroment

High performance hardware and optimized software for the most demanding tasks associated with asset management, and asset management service providers, with regards to all data requirements and application deployment.

Instant scalability and flexibility with respect to sudden increase/decrease in capacity, and customizable.

High speed fiber and data transfer times.

High level of physical and cyber security and backup services so data and information are secure.

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