About Flex Axion

Flex Axion is a software company dedicated to delivering innovative and intelligent investment technology for the asset management industry. We are located in the Pacific Northwest’s Silicon Forest, the heartland of large-scale and mathematical computing innovation. We enjoy proximity to the talent and resources of this unique business eco-system.

In order to resolve costly technology bottlenecks in the asset management industry we have developed enterprise software based on a cutting-edge computing paradigm.  A key component of this paradigm is hybrid cloud technology that is faster, more cost effective, and vastly more customizable than standard cloud architecture.


We aim to be the premier provider of deep technology solutions for the asset management industry by solving the most pressing problems of portfolio management today.  We enable financial product manufacturers to deliver on their promises to their clients.

Why Choose Flex Axion?

scale assets

Scale Assets

Scale assets under management 50X without increasing headcount.

software investment

Excellent ROI

Enterprise grade software that provides a significant return on your software investment with hybrid-cloud and automation.

Integrated Optimization

Scalable real-time computing and optimization that accommodates your growth in assets as well as complexity of products.

reduce friction

Improve Performance

Reduce or eliminate friction through automation in operations and trading and realize improvement to your bottom line.


Improved Reporting

Achieve error free and centralized data providing more accurate daily portfolio analytics, and business intelligence reports leveraging AI/ML.

real time automation


We offer consulting services for asset managers seeking assistance with specialized strategies, creating scalability without abandoning the investment mandate through the utilization of our technology.

Flex Axion provides solutions for mathematical programming whether you are using our optimization tool that is tuned to the domain specific problems encountered in finance, or if you are using a third-party provider. Key to utilizing our technology or any mathematical optimization is formulating the problem so the computer can most efficiently address it.  We are experts in mathematical programming, and we encourage our clients to collaborate with us in addressing their most difficult problems.