Flex Axion’s flagship enterprise software solution, brings the full power of recent mathematical programming advances to the Exchange Traded Fund asset management industry, enabling robust portfolio management and operational scalability. With ETFRebal, portfolio managers can calculate optimal baskets across their entire suite of ETF portfolios sub second.  This speed opens a new world, allowing mathematical programming to be used more flexibly and effectively. Implemented as an intuitive enterprise software application, ETFRebal eliminates the operational bottlenecks inherent in portfolio management and allows for the customization that all firms need.


Flex Axion’s SMA rebalance software that allows for direct indexing and flexibility in customization for client portfolios. We integrate risk and client specified benchmarks seamlessly bringing institutional quality investing to individuals.



FACore is the proprietary hybrid cloud computing architecture. Offering scalable high-performance computing with Domain Specific Architecture(DSA) that bridges the gap between traditional cloud and the future of Quantum computing. Quantum computing is still fragile and subject to failure risk. We have developed a fully integrated compiled code DSA that outperforms standard cloud computing and brings reliable, fast, and scalable compute to the financial industry. When quantum computing is mature, we are prepared to seamlessly integrate QPU access into our platform. Contact us to find out more about how you can leverage our computing platform to run any compute intensive activity you desire including LLM’s or large-scale optimization and keep your data in house.


FAOne is Flex Axion’s Ontology Engine that is at the core of our high-speed data reconciliation capabilities. This is not just a matching algorithm. We use proprietary machine learning to find and correct errors in an instant. Error free data is made possible.


Outsource CTO

When our clients have numerous concerns and difficulty figuring out where to start with their technology plan we act as an outsource CTO. If the idea of cloud services, data integration, stacks of microservices, fragile systems, and a tangle of API’s makes you nervous we can help.

Fix your data

The starting point for all computing systems is the proper handling of data. Contact us to find out more about how you can future proof your firm with our infrastructure design and implementation of FAOne no matter which software applications you are using.

efficiently manage day-to-day portfolio re-balance requirements
Discover a better way to efficiently manage day-to-day portfolio re-balance requirements. ETFRebal is cost effective, efficient, and technologically superior compared to outsourced providers or piece-meal methods developed in house that increase operational risk.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms allow for error-free data, and fast as well as efficient re-balance implementation to ensure our clients are meeting their fiduciary responsibility in the most cost-effective manner. To ensure speed and reliability we built our own cloud that can handle any number, size, or complexity of portfolios.

proprietary machine learning algorithms


Among the benefits that ETFRebal provides are:

  • Over 35 automated workflows.
  • A customized and integrated mathematical optimizer that is tuned to the specific use case.
  • The elimination of common data errors.
  • The application to any size or type fund in any asset class, including fixed income and active long/short portfolios.
  • An elegant and centralized portfolio re-balance and monitoring dashboard for teams or CIO level firmwide monitoring.
  • The ability to work with any file type or file location – we can work with your central database, or we can provide one, so your data is centralized and secure.
  • A painless implementation because ETFRebal runs parallel to legacy systems so there is no downtime and is adaptable to any custodial or treasury requirements.
  • Seamless integrations: Excel, Python, SQL, Power Automate, Power BI, Amazon EC2, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Abel Noser, MSCI, US Bank, Index Providers, and more.