Frequently Asked Questions

Is a database required to start?

No. If you do not have an existing database, we can provide one for you, so your data is centralized and secure.

What is required for implementation?

Flex Axion needs to be able to access your files and delivery paths or pre-existing central data store. As an example, this could be permission to work with your custodian’s FTP site to source the overnight files or it could be access to APIs with your existing service providers like your OMS partner.  There are no limitations regarding what type of file or data storage you utilize.

Can I customize the user interface?

Yes.  If there is a particular report or layout required, we have even innovated JavaScript to make these changes fast and relatively simple to implement for you.

How do you access the production environment?

If, at any time there is a need “to take the wheel,” a user can do so at their own discretion. As an example, if necessary, manual changes to the database or the output could be made on the fly. We believe that once users are more accustomed to the system, there will be less emphasis on doing so.

How secure is the software and computing platform?

Flex Axion enforces “zero trust” security protocols that ensure the highest protection of your data within our software application and cloud. 

Why is Flex Axion’s hybrid-cloud better than alternatives?

Our proprietary cloud allows us to develop our software within an integrated paradigm which is why our software is so fast, reliable, elegant, and efficient.  Most generic cloud services are efficient for data storage, but when you need fast retrieval and large calculations on the fly (in an instant) we have a bottleneck free platform that delivers stellar performance at a fraction of what it would require elsewhere and a higher level of security.

What should I expect in terms of switching costs?

TANGO seamlessly integrates with your current systems and the applications you want to keep, so there is no downtime or painful implementation.  Your current process can run in parallel until ready to switch without any disruption.

There are some software applications I need to keep because the contract is not up, or I cannot operate without. Can I do this?

Yes, it’s understandable that you might need some of your existing applications to continue and is not a problem.

Where do the data and calculations reside?

TANGO runs on Flex Axion’s proprietary hybrid cloud computing architecture, which can reside on client dedicated hardware, physically or virtually, depending on your enterprise requirements.  Also, in some cases if the client requires the system to run on their cloud that is accommodated but may affect performance.

What is the Artificial Intelligence embedded in TANGO?

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms add value by learning and adapting to the data presented and therefore the outputs are based on the best possible input with very little human intervention required to resolve discrepancies which are reduced over time.

In addition, TANGO is flexible enough to work with any existing client mathematical optimizer, but we provide a proprietary and integrated mathematical optimizer engine specifically tuned for the queries being presented. As a PM (Portfolio Manager), you must make many educated decisions, and mathematical optimization is an AI decision-making tool that provides the best solution based on a set of criteria, or constraints.