Equity Portfolio Solution Software

TANGO™ is a flexible end-to-end software solution that addresses the needs of equity portfolio managers today.
Flex Axion is a pioneering software company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the Exchange Traded Fund industry. You can achieve your goals with our innovative and adaptive hybrid cloud technology that is faster, more cost effective, and vastly more customizable than standard cloud architecture.
scale assets

Scale Assets

Scale assets under management 50X without dramatically increasing headcount.

software investment

Excellent ROI

Enterprise grade software that provides a significant return on your software investment with hybrid-cloud and automation.

Integrated Optimization

Scalable real-time computing and optimization (on availability of data) significantly reducing tracking error and transaction costs and market impact.

reduce friction

Improve Performance

Reduce or eliminate friction through automation in operations and trading and realize up to a 20% improvement to your bottom line.


Improved Reporting

Up to 98% reduction in errors in data providing more accurate daily portfolio analytics, and business intelligence reports.

TANGO™ enables you to fully realize the potential of your strategy with precision, speed, and scale relevant to daily cash management and market trading with true end-to-end enterprise software.

Let’s TANGO™

Experience precision in data and reporting, integrated mathematical optimization, automation, flexible implementation, real time computing, and effortless scalability.

Find out how you can “up your game” with your equity ETFs by contacting us today for a demonstration and more information.


Heather Claus

Heather Claus

Heather Claus is Co-Founder and CEO has 25 years of experience in large scale software deployment and consulting, encompassing fixed income, and equity long only and long short portfolios, to consulting government and private businesses on market dynamics, systems research, and software deployment to fully realize their investment goals. Heather is instrumental in guiding the company during its growth and development stages.
James Claus, PhD

James Claus, PhD

James Claus, PhD, Co-Founder and CTO has always been driven to innovate the technology available for research and trading of publicly traded companies since he was recruited to Columbia University to pursue his doctorate degree, and subsequently recruited to innovate and transform the legacy systems at Barclay’s Global Investors (now Blackrock Scientific). Those systems are still in use today, managing billions of dollars. James went on to develop and further refine his ideas and technology into what is now Flex Axion’s software that leverages machine learning, optimization, and a computing architecture that is hundreds of times faster and more cost-effective than generic cloud solutions when dealing with complex data and models.

Hal Tolley

Hal Tolley

Hal Tolley is Co-Founder and Head of Engineering and has worked with James previously in both business and academia. He has been the lead engineer on numerous large scale computing projects for both the government and private businesses including the NSA and Vhayu, a trading platform startup sold to Thomson Reuters. He is a full stack engineer as well as a hardware/software expert who is the authority on solving I/O bottlenecks and improving performance of Flex Axion’s software as well as refining the optimization engine. Hal built the original hardware prototypes and is the architect of the proprietary computing architecture that underpins Flex Axion’s powerful software performance.

John Regino

John Regino

John Regino is Head of Growth and came from MSCI’s Analytics business serving the Americas working with best-in-class clients to meet their application needs within the context of MSCI’s Risk and Analytics products. He brings many years of experience in understanding client’s unique needs in the asset management industry as well as conducting market research and designing and implementing business development strategies. He is key to our client discovery and relationship management, so our client’s needs are listened to and acted upon.